Projects related to the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (Chinese: 中国-巴基斯坦经济走廊; Urdu: پاكستان-چین اقتصادی راہداری‬‎; also known by the acronym CPEC). CPEC is the largest bilateral agreement made between China and Pakistan which aims to create an economic corridor that promotes bilateral connectivity with construction, investment as well economic and trade related initiatives between the two nations. IVCC is fully engaged and onboard with several Chinese as well as local partners in this endeavor and has already successfully completed many CPEC related projects while others are in the pipeline.

Karot Hydropower Project in Pakistan

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Karot Hydropower Project  Scope of Work: Geotechnical Investigation IVCC was involved in drilling of 13 Boreholes with depths from100-130 meters, using Straight Rotary Machines in weathered and fresh rock obtaining continuous samples using double tube coring equipment. Total drilling footage for 13 Boreholes was 1,690 meters. IVCC drilled 3 Boreholes on dry land with

Haveli Bahadur Power Project 2017

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Haveli Bahadur Power Project: 1100-1400 MW RLNG Based Combined Cycle Power Plant (2017) Piling Work IVCC constructed 3 Piles of 760 mm diameter with maximum depth of 30.35 meter. Total Drilling footage 80 meters. 3 Pile Load Tests of 750 Tons each were carried out. Pile Load Test Reports of TP 7, TP 7A &

Geological Investigation Work Mahl Hydropwer Project in Pakistan under CPEC 2016

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Mahl Hydropwer Project in Pakistan: Proposed 590 MW on Jhelum River & Mahl River at the border of AJ&K and Punjab Province: Boreholes Drilling for Geological Investigation Work. Scope of Work: Drilling of 52 Nos. Boreholes Land Drilling (vertical& inclined) upto maximum depth 235 meters (Land & Submerged Drilling). Total drilling carried out 5,098 meters.

Kohala Hydropower Project under CPEC (District Muzaffarabad, Pakistan) 2016

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Geotechnical Investigations in Pakistan IVCC drilled 4 Boreholes, ZKT-4 (Dia. P/H/N/B), ZKT-5 (Dia. H/N), ZKT-6 (Dia. H/N) and ZKC-15 (Dia. H/N). These had a maximum depth of up to 400 meters. Total drilling footage for this phase was 1,325 meters. IVCC carried out Rotary Drilling to recover cores from soil, weathered and fresh rock. All

Azad Pattan Hydropower Project under CPEC (Jehlum River, Pakistan) 2017

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Geotechnical Investigation & Adits Work in Pakistan Drilling of 2 Boreholes ZKC-1 (70 Meters) and ZKC-2 (45 Meters) on Jhelum River. IVCC Carried out Carry out 20 water pressure tests and 2 water injection tests (Total drilling 115 meters). Drilling of 11 (ZKY-1 to ZKY-11) Rotary drill holes on dry land both vertical and

Port Qasim 2 x 660 MW Coal Fired Power Plant

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Geotechnical Investigation and Dewatering IVCC conducted geological investigation of 47 boreholes in all types of soil and rock using rotary drilling equipment including recovery of cores and provision of core boxes and SPT tests. A total number drilling footage, for boreholes, was 1316 meters. Work also included drilling and installation of 55 Dewatering Wells. IVCC

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