Jhika Gali Murree:Piling Work for Restoration of Landslide for National Logistics Cell (NLC) / C&W Department Lahore.   Construction of 93 Nos. Piles for Wall 1 & Wall Add. Construction of 25 Nos. Piles for Wall 2. Construction of 25 Nos. Piles for Wall Add (Kuldana). Carrying out 1 No. Horizontal Load Test (200 Tons). Pile dia. 1.2m upto 30m depth, with 15m in rock. Procurement of an Inclinometer System consisting of one digital data logger with software, Inclinometer probe,control cable, pulley assembly and shipment to site. Execution of 7 Nos. boreholes upto a maximum depth of 25 m in overburden soils/bed rock and installation of inclinometer casing pipe 85mm dia. Construction of pile caps approximate qty 1,000 Cubic meters.

Karot Village, District Rawalpindi: Karot Hydropower Project on Jhelum River, Land and River Drilling Works and Exploratory Adits for Stage 1 to 3 in Feasibility Study Phase for CGEC, Wuhan, China / WAPDA - Pakistan.   Carrying out drilling of 33 Boreholes on land and drilling of 6 Boreholes in the river. Excavation (tunnelling) of Exploratory 5xAdits and Vertical 4x Adits. Carry out 638 Packer tests (water pressure tests) and Vertical Pits for Site Investigation for Karot Hydropower Project on Jhelum River and GHORA RAJGAN. Arrangement for land for approach and borehole drilling locations and preparation of access. Providing & installation steel and timber supports.

Kohala-Muzaffarabad (AK) Chakothi Road (C-17) Project: Piling works including Fabrication and Lowering of Steel reinforcement and Pouring of Concrete for Bridge at Chainage 50+00, Pashi Avalanche Shelter and Chinari Bridge, HQ 491 Engineer Group FWO Abbottabad / National Highway Authority (NHA).   Rotary Boring / Drilling in hard strata of piles upto 1.2 m dia & 30 m depth including fabrication & lowering of steel reinforcement and Pouring of concrete. Construction of 83 piles completed. Total drilling carried out 10,854 meters.

Tarbela:Offshore Drilling and Sediment Sampling in Tarbela Reservoir for MM Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd., Lahore / WAPDA - Pakistan.   Drilling of 11 Offshore holes in Tarbela Reservoir Site upto maximum depth 100 meters from platform level. Total Drilling 477 meters. Borehole dia. 110 mm. Set up on drill holes including moving into position, anchoring and maintaining barges & pontoons in drilling position. Drilling carried out from floating barges (pontoon). Longyear Straight Rotary Machines alongwith mud circulation system mounted on the barge. Work executed in stormy weather and rough conditions. 191 SPTs, 65 Undisturbed Samples were executed. Preparation and submission of factual report.

Karot Village, District Rawalpindi: Karot Hydropower Project on Jhelum River, Borehole Drilling Works and Exploring Adits for Site Investigation for IDBIDR China / WAPDA - Pakistan.   Carrying out 13 Nos. Boreholes upto depth 100-130 meters (Rotary Drill Holes) in weathered and fresh rock obtaining continuous samples using double tube coring equipment. Total drillig carried out 1,690 meters. Excavation (tunnelling) of Exploratory 3xAdits (PD3, PD4 & PD5) (Size 2mx2m). Total 235 meters. Carried out 323 Packer Tests (water pressure tests). Preparation of track to adit portal.

Karachi: DHA Project - Creek Marina Residential Development.   Construction of 1,758 Piles of 560, 1200, 1300 & 1500mm dia. in 8 Blocks / Zones. Execution of 8 Pile Load Tests upto a maximum load of 3,000 Tons, PIT and 38 PDA tests.

Iskanderabad (Daud Khel): Maple Leaf Cement Factory Ltd., for 6700 TPD (Phase-II) Line-II.   Construction of 1,286 Piles of 600mm dia. and 317 Piles of 800mm dia. Total drilling 72,519 meters. Construction of 12 Test Piles of 800mm dia. Execution of 14 Pile Load Tests upto a maximum load of 700 Tons.

Sukkur Barrage Sindh: Rehabilitation Project of Irrigation & Power Deptt. Govt of Sindh for FWO.   Installation and Extraction of 366 Sheet Piles upstream and downstream of cofferdam. Installation of 200 Permanent Sheet Piles. Total weight of sheet piles 439,607 kg. Installation of 20 tubewells and dewatering system. Drilling of 41 dowel holes, total drilling 452 ft. Drilling of 39 holes for piezometers. Installation of 19 Nos. Piezometers.

Lahore: Packages Ltd. Concrete Repair Works on fire damaged Building by Using Gunite.   Chipping and Scaling 28,695 Sq.ft., Guniting Roof 16,376.04 Sq.ft. Guniting Column 4,422.8 Sq.ft. Guniting Beam 6,298.9. Total Gunite 27,097.80 Sq.ft.